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As long-time gardeners on the North Shore of Nova Scotia we have been approached many, many times over the years by people looking for guidance, direction and advice.

We gradually realized that one of the great gifts we have on the North Shore is the number of people living here who are expert in a vast array of gardening specialties.  We have:

  •  landscape architects
  •  soil and fungus scientists 
  •  garden managers  
  •  garden centre owners
  •  successful vegetable and flower producers
  •  environmentalists .
  •  master gardeners 
  •  bee-keepers
  •  raised-bed and planter makers
  •  groundskeepers  
  •  garden material suppliers
  •  and that’s just a start!

There is also a large number of very knowledgeable, thoughtful and imaginative private gardeners here. 

The horticultural arm of Dalhousie University’s Agricultural Campus in Truro is not too far away either

Dahlias in Elizabeth's GardenOur goal here at North Shore Gardening Life then is to gather together all kinds of local gardening resources – human and otherwise –  and provide a platform for everyone who might be interested to share information and advice. 

You can advertise your gardening wares or services. You can ask questions.  You can offer solutions. You can write articles.

Those who are new to gardening can access all sorts of useful information. Old hands can share their secrets learned over the years. Experts can answer the really knotty questions.  

At the moment the site is merely a skeleton with an outline of themes and subject-matter. We have started some of them off. 

We do hope that as many of you as possible will suggest content, offer your expertise, ask and answer questions, and contribute in any way you can think of to make the site as useful as possible. 

Just use the contact form to start the conversation.

One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to gardening advice, and so we hope the local framework of our site will prove valuable to everyone who loves gardening in this thriving little corner of Nova Scotia. 

Jennifer and Elizabeth


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