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A Place to Share Local Resources, Information and Advice for

Gardeners on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

North Shore Gardening Life invites everyone who gardens on the North Shore of Nova Scotia to participate in this website and join forces for the benefit of us all. 

We are very lucky because we have so many garden professionals, authorities, resource specialists and enthusiasts living in our area. 

This site aims to provide easy access to local expertise and to be a place for everyone to share garden problems, questions, advice, resources, practical experience, pictures of their gardens, funny stories and anything else you can think of. 

At this beginning stage we are just touching the surface of what is available.  The website is in its infancy.  Any suggestions on any aspect of anything would be welcome!

So have a look at everything, check out the links and we do hope you will be inspired to contribute and help us grow.

Let’s make this site an amazing platform for all gardeners on the North Shore of Nova Scotia!

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Ron McCormick: Artist

Ron McCormick is an outsider artist from Nova Scotia.  Outsider artists are people with mental health problems who have found a new life through art.

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