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Labels or Tags for Plants

Labels or Tags for Plants

Elizabeth says:

Whenever I’m at a junk shop or yard sale I keep my eyes open for mini venetian blinds. I then cut them up and use them as labels for plants.  I try to find ones which have at least one side that is not too shiny.  That way, the ink stays on longer.  Cheap and effective!  

Paint stir-sticks make even more robust plant labels for in the garden.    

Pippa Moss says:

Another hint for plant labels – after using bamboo cutlery, instead of throwing it out, use the  handle as a label and plant ” it! Plastic cutlery will do the same, but bamboo is better for the environment, or so they say.”

Tara Pearson says:

“We go through a lot of yogurt in our house. After washing and drying used containers, I make cuts with scissors from the top edge down to the bottom, then cut around the base. Voila, roughly 20 or so recycled plant labels.”

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