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Days Until First Frost

July 1st: It’s Not Too Late to Sow Carrots and Other Root Crops!!

By Jennifer Langille A short time ago we posted on our Facebook page a picture of a pathetic little carrot with the observation that things don’t always work out as they should. One of our subscribers commented that this often happens to her, and that the problem was probably her soil. On reading this, Jennifer […]

Last Frost Date for the North Shore

by Elizabeth Spence WHEN IS THE LAST FROST DATE ON THE NORTH SHORE? The only answer to this question is: it depends. We need to know the last frost date so that we can sow seeds and transplant into the garden what we have started inside, knowing that they will not be killed by the […]


By Elizabeth Spence What zone are we in?  What is a zone anyway?  Why do we need zones? These are some of the questions we have been asked over the years.  And good questions they are. Simply put, a “zone” in gardening is the rating system for tree, shrub and perennial plant hardiness. You can […]

Keeping Deer Out of the Garden

Photo Courtesy Wallace River Photography Oh Deer!  What Can the Matter Be?  The Deer Ate My Plants!  That’s What the Matter Is!!! By Elizabeth Spence with contributions from local gardeners Oh, Deer indeed!  All gardeners on the North Shore have to deal with deer.  No question. We asked gardeners here to tell us what they do […]

Snakes – How Wonderful They Are In the Garden!

These pictures were published on Facebook in March 2021, and are appearing again this year.   The “snake” man is Pete Freckelton from the Annapolis Valley.  Here’s what he has to say about our five native snakes and their usefulness in the garden:   “As our native snakes emerge from their winter dens to bask & mate over […]

The Many Uses Of Row Cover In The Garden

By Magi Nams What is row cover? Row cover is the name given to a material designed to cover garden plants and create a cozy microclimate for them. It allows light, air and rain to pass through and can easily be cut with scissors to the length you need. Also known as agricultural fabric or […]

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