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Days Until First Frost

My Lilac Flowers Have Finished Blooming. What do I do?

Patricia asks what to do now that her lilac flowers are finished. Elizabeth’s Reply: The answer is DEADHEAD, which, as the word suggests, means cutting off the dead flowers. But only if you want to.  There is a story that deadheading lilacs will produce more flowers the following year.  In my experience lilacs seem alternate […]

Should I Bother With Dahlias?

Question from Lucy Grey: Should I bother with dahlias?  People tell me they’re too much work. Answer by Elizabeth:  Yes, they are a lot of work, but they are so beautiful! This one pictured below is an example that I grew from seed.  The parent was the hybrid Dahlia “Bishop of Llandaff” (pictured in thumbnail). It didn’t come […]


Question from Jamie Smith: Where can I get a load of mulch for my flower beds? Answer by NSGL: Check out our RESOURCES page. Lots of suppliers there.

Deer population

Question from Jennifer Auld-Cameron: We are learning to live ‘cooperatively’ with the expanding deer population.  Last year I used the black mesh used for keeping birds away from vineyards, to protect some of my plants.  It worked very well, except I had to keep expanding it as my plants grew.  I wonder if anyone knows […]

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