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Days Until First Frost

Labels or Tags for Plants

Labels or Tags for Plants Elizabeth says: “Whenever I’m at a junk shop or yard sale I keep my eyes open for mini venetian blinds. I then cut them up and use them as labels for plants.  I try to find ones which have at least one side that is not too shiny.  That way, […]

Seed Sowing Tips

Seed Sowing Tips David Flint says: “If you want to sow very small seeds individually, pick each one up up with a damp toothpick.  Just touch the toothpick to a seed, it will stick to the toothpick and you can then place it in your soil block, cell or pot by pushing it off  with […]

Raised Beds

Raised Bed Backyard Diva says:  “Use a pallet as a garden bed – staple garden cloth on the backside of the pallet, fill with dirt and start growing!” Very ingenious!!  An instant raised bed!! Courtesy Backyard Diva

Managing Seedlings

Managing Seedlings Jennifer says: When thinning delicate seedlings, use small scissors to snip off the extra seedlings at soil level. The remaining roots simply dissolve under the soil. This is much less disruptive to the roots of the remaining seedlings


Courtesy Shirley Kresge: What a great way to  carry your tools around the garden: An old golf cart!!

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