North Shore Gardening Life

Days Until First Frost

Sydney Blum: Sculptor

By Elizabeth Spence Sydney Blum doesn’t sculpt “things.” She is not trying to represent something she “sees” in life. Her aim is to sculpt ideas, feelings, moods, vibrations. Her art is not an end result, it is the means to an end. She doesn’t even use titles, because that will tell the viewers where to […]

Wallace River Photography

It’s lupin time in Nova Scotia!  We are enchanted with the sight of these beautiful flowers almost everywhere we go in the province at this time of year. Ian Murray of Wallace River Photography is an international award-winning wildlife photographer who has kindly shared some of his lupin photos with us.  Thanks Ian!

Ron McCormick: Artist

Ron McCormick is an outsider artist from Nova Scotia.  Outsider artists are people with mental health problems who have found a new life through art. Ron says:  “When I was originally in the hospital, I wasn’t communicating property with other people, but then I was able to get hold of some paint and brushes and […]

Barbara Gregory: Artist

Barbara Gregory – Artist We are delighted to show three paintings by Tatamagouche artist, Barbara Gregory. The first is called Sweet Dreams. It’s a 3′ x 4′ oil painting.  Barbara writes: “This was inspired by my son, who as a little boy, told me he dreams at night of puppies running through fields. If you look […]

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